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India Pilgrimage Tour

India Pilgrimage Tour

Wandering through the northeastern India, Siddharth sought out holy men, and learned about Samsiara (reincarnation), Karma, and Moksha. One day, Siddhartha realised that his years of penance only weakened his body, and that he could not continue to meditate properly. When he stepped into the river to bathe, he was too weak to get out, and it is believed that the trees lowered their branches to help him.    

At that instant, a milk-maid named Nandabala came and offered a bowl of milk and rice, which Siddhartha accepted. Refreshed by the meal, Siddhartha sat down under a fig tree (often refeired to as the Bo tree, or Tree of Enlightenment) and resolved to find out an answer to life and suffering. While meditating, Mara (an evil god) sent his three sons and daughters to tempt Siddhartha with thirst, lust, and distractions of pleasure but Siddhartha stayed unswayed in deep meditation, and recalled all his previous rebirths, gained knowledge of the cycle of births and deaths, and with certainty, cast off the ignorance and passion of his ego which bound him to the world. Thereby, Siddhartha had attained enlightenment and became the Buddha (enlightened one).  

We offer Pilgrimage tour to Lumbini - Nepal (North Eastern India), the birth place of Siddhartha ' Lord Buddha' also known as "Light of Asia'

Pilgrimage tour to India also includes Varanashi, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Kushinagar etc.

Packages available for India Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Trail Tour (5 nights 6 days)
Buddhist Trail Tour (5 nights 6 days)

Duration: 6 Day(s)
VARANASI: The city of Varanasi is situated along the west bank of the Ganges in the north Indian...

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